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T.B In New Orleans.

30 Nov

So, as you all know, i visited the N.O. this weekend for my roomate’s birthday. It was more fun than I can begin to describe in this post but i will say this…”beer on the streets!” ahh yes, I so love to walk and drink. Burning calories, great stuff.  Well anyhow, my friends and I found this nice looking spot off of Canal street, just a few blocks from Bourbon St., called Duffy’s.

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Beautiful Weather and Hangar 2

28 Nov

Good Afternoon,

Everyone should grab that special someone, that morning delight or afternoon delight and go outside.  Enjoy life and its natural and free beauties.

This morning I had the pleasure of spending some time with the top lady in my life,  my mom. San and I hit a few thrift stores. Today Im going to pave the road to Hangar 2 Thrift Store located in Madison Alabama.  Located behind what was once called Indigo Joe on Hwy 72 The Hangar 2 is a perfectly stocked Thrift Store, it has just enough room to browse and pick up some great bargains. One of the best things besides the staff at The Hangar 2, is the great prices. Most thrift stores seem to be priced like the items are brand new. Never at the Hangar 2, which features a great deal THE FOUR DOLLAR BAG! Simply purchase this magical bag whatever you can put in, u receive for four dollars. (Contact store for details)

More on the Hangar 2 Thrift Store Tues.

Well enjoy the rest of the day, I’m heading out to do the same.

Driving M.

26 Nov

Yesterday I agreed to go to Nashville to an Elementary School Reunion. As M and I got in the car it hit me, Damn Im getting old. In years that is, I feel great… (Wait that last statement may confirm im old) My mind drifted back to what I could actually remember from West Mastin Lake, one thing stuck out…..ok a few things. Kids are cruel and my ears. I also remember a smoking hott second grade teacher I had, this was before I found out she was a M Jordan fan, this was the icing on the cake.  Things were so different back then, or I was simply wearing my reality blocker shades. Either way the sun seemed brighter and  the stars seem to shine a bit more.




enjoy the flashbacks. I will deff hit you with pics from the renuion, on some then and now.


The Simpsons were just beginning.






26 Nov

PhotoShoot coming Soon…


26 Nov

Snap, Snap, Snap.

24 Nov

The Key.

23 Nov

New Orleans……..

22 Nov

T-baby took a quick weekend to the N.O here are a few pictures, from what I was told Chasing Concrete crew (in full) will be visiting the Big Easy…


Kappa Alpha Psi Features Miss Krimson (UAH)

21 Nov

Last night at University Alabama Huntsville, Kappa Alpha Psi held its first Miss Krimson
Pageant. Here are a few pictures, really late nite. All the Pictures are under Miss Krimson, interview with Miss Krimson Tuesday.

Jaspects Ft. Janelle Monae

19 Nov

Thanks to the Sister, I am delighted to introduce you to Jaspects…you know if you have good taste in music and all….enjoy it was a long day.

Tomorrow’s topic:

Driving Miss M.