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Seriously Jimmy Heart…

28 Feb

when do you finish working on the clone machine? Last night was beyond busy.

I was invited by Allison of Caribbean Appeal Ent, to take pictures at her More Love Fashion Show which benefited the Child Advocacy Center in Huntsville. Here are those pictures…

I bumped into David Vaninche and G-Sides very own Clove

It was off to Mei Wei for Huntsville’s own The Mingle.

On to Club Infinity

A few Pics from Infinity

You know the drill the rest of the pics are under Infinity…

One more event…

A few pictures from Crossroads

All the photos are under Crossroads…


More To Love and The Mingle

27 Feb

Fashion Show

After helping raise funds for the Child Advocacy Center, head by Mei Wei.

After you have raised money, and mingled at Mei Wei.

David Vaninche And Aloe Blacc

25 Feb

Yesterday, I had some down time so I sat back and turned up the tunes of Aloe Black

For a few songs

Same cover different videos

David Vaninche dropped by Chasing Concrete studio yesterday, we talked about a cover. DV also brought some Fly Mutant shirts, nothing wrong with free dope clothes. The F.M clothes are a few months early, so I can’t show them…for now. Below are a few sneak peeks into some future things…

Note the pictures are blurry, because it’s a sneak peek….

Webbie @ Crossroads

24 Feb

The Show…

A Few ladies at the show.

The rest of the photos are under Event photos…


22 Feb

Yesterday I was invited to the Big Homie P.T birthday bash @ Cactus Jacks. Everyone from G-Side to Jackie Chan, Jo Ski, Scoop,  Dee Jay C-za. Here are a few pictures enjoy…

Happy Birthday P.T from ChasingConcrete

I Didnt See You @ JoiTiffany(Open Mic)

22 Feb

because you’re an idiot.  Joi Tiffany put together another joyful and memorable Open Mic.  The night was filled with everything from My Snuggie, My Snuggie to J.T version of  $5 foot long.  The thing that kills me about this beautiful city I live in called Huntsville, I hear people complain about being bored.  With people like Joi Tiffany, Whit B and a few other open mic events sprinkled throughout the city.  I’m going to get back to the reason why I created ChasingConcrete.  It was a site to bring you off the beaten path events around the area.  I start homework on this after this very word….ok after I load these pictures…

Shout Out to the Cornbread Fred aka Sick-N-Shut In.


21 Feb

was beautiful,  here are a few pictures from the day.

After some hours past I visited Infinity..

All the photos from Infinity are under Events, the Infinity