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Camera, Lets Cruise

31 May

In honor of those soldiers who gave their life for our freedom, and for the soldiers who are now in harm’s way.

Anthony Hurt one of the many current soldiers, thanks for what you do.  Because of you A.Hurt, I have the freedom to do a lot in life. Thanks Again.

Stopped to gas up, the car and my stomach.

I heard somebody say somewhere, that the homeless make the best subjects for photos.  I have always tried to steer away from photographing the homeless without giving them some green-backs.

After putting gas in the tank.

I headed on my rainy journey.

Twister struck car wash.

Beauty in the midst of damage.

We should view our past, at a glance in the side rear-view mirror.

Thank You to all the armed forces.

Crossroads Photos

30 May

Big Homie Boy Wonda

Press Below

Kreativ Sole

All Photos Under CROSSROADS

New Kanye West Single  Download below


Hollywood > An Original Bad Boy

29 May

One thing about Dennis Hopper that you may or may not know was that he was a prolific photography, painter, and sculptor.  Hopper’s photography was over shadowed by his career ( acting/directing).

Here are a few pictures from the late great actor on-screen.

(Above) Screen icon: The actor, pictured left, was most famous for his role in Easy Rider in 1969.

(Above) Hollywood legend: Dennis Hopper in the 1979 movie Apocalypse Now directed by Francis Ford Coppola

More on D. Hopper’s photography a bit later.

New Crossroad Photos

Gadsen Grind

29 May

Straight out the water with this Dodge.

Had to put the ride up early.

Where’s BIFF?

Tonight Tonight Tonight

29 May

(Monster truck announcer voice)

Concrete Cut

28 May

A.M.=Burritt Museum P.M.=Downtown

27 May

Yesterday I headed to the beautiful Monte Sano Mountain to check out the Burritt Museum.

This summer Chasing Concrete will be purposely taking you to different places, get out of the normal summer.  Look for things that can push or even alter your senses, your sights, and even your perspective on the outdoors.

This summer take a stroll down a path or two at Burritt.

The official website is below.

Burritt Museum

P.M. Begins

I stopped by Washington Square, they had one of the sexiest things on the planet.

Yes your eyes are not deceiving you, a female drummer.  Help me lord, more on this young woman very soon.

A shot of the lead singer.

A shot of the whole band.

A special shot out the lovely ladies who were to shy to take a picture, your beautiful faces should be on here.
After Washington Square I visited Crossroads

Dj Pauli G and Danny Beatz

Relaxing a bit at the bar, I notice a bright glow from the T.V.

its Marv, who dresses my man?

Anyway, off to Kaffeeklatsch.

Musician Gus Hergert

After a few shots of Gus Hergert, it was time for food.
A great hot dog, drunk or sober.

Tomorrow I’m Chasing Concrete near you.

Concrete Dreams

27 May

Tribal Cafe

24 May

Owner Josh hard at work.

Big-Up to the beautiful Angela M.
Tomorrow we address the food and beverages at Tribal Cafe.

More on Tribal Cafe Tomorrow.

Roscoe’s Chicken-N- Waffles And Trim…

23 May

After getting a slightly late start, J.E and I went over to….

Let me tell you, when I lived in Los Angeles it was a frequent visited place.  Its a must when you visit the left coast. Roscoe’s is as iconic to L.A as the palm trees and beautiful weather.

HECTOR showed up for the grub.

Who is BIFF? Coming Soon…

Chasing Concrete in Los Angeles

For full view of pictures click on the image.