A Real Happy Trail…

21 May

Yesterday as I traveled from Memphis to LA, I did the usual prep. I-pod, or phone with earphones plug-in. music up,  relaxing as much as possible, knowing your life is seriously in Gods and the pilots hands.  As I’m sitting there I feel someone’s attention, my noisy neighbor? This guy at first glance is just another guy traveling for business or a wedding.  Observing the guys body language, I notice a man who is really happy and excited about life.  What makes you this excited about life, I asked myself.

It hits me, in life your only as happy generally as you decide to be.  Yes your life may not be as great as someone else, but also your life is better than someone else. You know the outlook on life, the glass is half full, not half empty.  I thought who knows what this man has been through?  The man was of middle eastern descent,  maybe he has lived a great stress free life, or maybe he has live a life full of stress and strife.  Either way the man was at peace in life.   Not saying that you should not dream or improve your life, but how can you improve your life, if you don’t appreciate your current position.   I thought damn, that is where I want to be at twenty-eight years old.  The man had salt and pepper hair, so he was at least fifty years young.  It’s amazing how a perfect stranger can change your life, without really saying much more than,” hey there there is a good picture,” (making his hand like he’s taking a picture).  Pointing out the window

In the distance you can see snow on the top, of what I think is Colorado Rock  Mountains. I apologize for not having the right lens to get a better picture.

Here’s to you neighbor to the right.  All of us in the world could use your relax, happy about life approach.

After arrival

I hit this…

trying to get this

Tomorrow I visit Venice Beach and Melrose


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