Seeing and Tasting DOTS.

20 Jun


Business as usual @ DOTS.

One of the things that I loved about this restaurant is the service.

Don’t be fooled by the line, it moves really fast.

One of the beautiful ladies serving, ducked out of the photo.

Now to the main reason for the visit.

I could not decide between the golden fried chicken and the Roast Beef smothered in gravy.

I added a few sides to my plate, Greens and Broccoli and Cheese, with an addition of Mac Cheese.

My mom had the world-famous Turkey and Dressing with Greens, Sweet Potatoes and a side of Banana Pudding.

My dad had Turkey and Dressing with Okra, greens and Cranberry Sauce.

After filling our stomach with some of the best soul food, I sat and wondered who was going to drive.

More on Dots very soon.

Talking To A Great Man.

Good times with a great man, I am truly thankful to have had not only a father a great father.

Chasing Concrete  near you.


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