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Slick That Weave Down And Meet Me…

30 Sep

Quick Crossroads Rundown.

30 Sep

Fly Mutant Model

Fly Mutant Model

Boy Wonda

I always leave you on a beautiful note.

All Pics up later this evening.

Two 4 One

29 Sep

Late Night With Casme…

28 Sep

After blazing Crossroads stage downtown Huntsville, I met up with Casme’ and the crew @ Steak-N-Shake.

After being filled with beautiful sounds from the Open Mic, it was time to fill the stomach…

Don’t forget Casme website click


Casme X Crossroads X Joi Tiff X Soul Lounge (Preview)

27 Sep


Casme’ wasting time looking into the mirror.

Sound Check


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Full Update later today…

Chasing Concrete near you…

Hair Styles Page To Launch On Chasing Concrete…

26 Sep

This Thursday Chasing Concrete will be adding another page to the site.

Hair Styles

For a quick preview visit below.

Hair Styles

Focus On The Live

26 Sep

All Focus Pictures