Cover Story

C.C.  Tell people who don’t know who you are?

D.V.  C.A.  designer(graphic)/artist. I’m the lead designer/creator of David Vaninche.

C.C.  What made you want to throw your hat or designer ideas in the fashion industry?

D.V. I’v always had my own unique style growing up, Iv always had my own ideas, so I decided to put out a line that was a representation of myself.

C.C. How did you come up with David Vaninche?

D.V.  First it was Joey Vaninche, but I changed it to David Vaninche to provide a more commercial name.

C.C. Where do you get your motivation from?

D.V. Everyday life, I’m always thinking of weird stuff.

C.C. Whats weird stuff?

D.V. A Robyn with a tuxedo on.

C.C.  How do you get your “weird thoughts” from your mind to reality?

D.V. I usually carry around an “Idea Pad,” and whatever inspiration that catches my attention @ the moment,  I jot          down.

C.C.  Is this how Fly Mutant came about?

D.V.  It started off with me drawing on a pad, I thought this looks like a mutant.

C.C. Where does Fly come in?

D.V. I added the word Fly, because it had a nice ring to it.

C.C.  Does music play a part in your designing?

D.V. YES, it does every since I can remember. Like my fashion sense, music has always been a bit different.

C.C.  Such as?

D.V. Everything from Outkast and Wu-tang to Portis Head.

C.C.  Whats next for D.V/F.M?

D.V. A bunch of stuff going on, we just wrapped up our fourth fashion show. Now we are getting stuff back from the press for the summer.  We are also working with Cassius Brix, the H.A.W.G.S. in Cali, and last but not least Lil Twist of Young Money.

C.C. Store front?

D.V. We don’t have a store front yet, but you can cop things from Under Shop.  D.V is also working with Red Bubble.

D.V. This year we focus more on building the brand, and making David Vaninche a leader in the fashion game.

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