Focus X Open Mic

3 Oct


Monica x Trina x Crossroads x Focus

2 Oct

The preview

Focus Live Preview

Crossroads Preview

Monica x Trina preview

(Davidson Center)

The whole days events up later today…

Chasing Concrete near you.

Focus Focus Focus Focus

2 Oct

Good Lawd!


Here we go

That’s enough for now.

Hit my F.B. for all pics.

Kid Capri

1 Oct

This is a preview, All pictures up in a few hours. I have been up since Thursday night.

Guntersville X Sports Vision X Focus

1 Oct

Sports Vision X Preview

Focus (Live) X Preview

All pictures up from both events later today….

Slick That Weave Down And Meet Me…

30 Sep

Quick Crossroads Rundown.

30 Sep

Fly Mutant Model

Fly Mutant Model

Boy Wonda

I always leave you on a beautiful note.

All Pics up later this evening.