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Continued from “they don’t make em…..”

The problem I have with those are that they’re made thin plastic that break easily at the bend and at the clasp.  There’s no salvaging that!  These new generation bows are also largely scaled.  These little girls walk around here with more bow than they have ponytail, it’s just wrong!  Lastly, they don’t have the little teeth on the inside, you know, the teeth that actually grasp onto the hair, which keeps the bow in place.  As a preschool teacher, I feel I have to vent about this because I feel that I spend most of my day picking up bowrettes and placing them back into little girl’s hair than I spend with circle time.

I’m telling you, Goody’s are passed down from generation to generation, they hold up so much better.  i used to chew on mine, (had a thing for plastic, loved the smell of new ones)  the eye of the bow was pliable.  If it didn’t clasp shut, hell, you just bit it back into place.  But never did it break after ten minutes of  a preschooler fiddling with it back and forth in her hand.  You really had to have it out for a Goody’s bow to break.  Also they were about two times smaller than the new generation bow.  They came in just as many colors, yet they weren’t overwhelming.  I hate to see a little girl’s hair bows before I see her hairstyle, or just too many bows, what is it with putting the whole tin can (cause you guys know we all keep the hair bows in those throwback tin can that those buttered shortbread cookies come in, or in this case, an empty wet wipes box) in your daughter’s hair?  I remember some long years back, visiting my aunt in Florida.  She used to put my cousins hair in what seemed like a trillion plaits.  Beautiful long hair…too many bows.  Well one day, my aunt and mom, along with all the kids, we in the bedding department in JC Penny.  Momma and Auntie were standing in the checkout line will we sat on a bed.  My little cousin was just hopping around and goofing off, we told her to sit still but, she was about three…so yea…her little ass fell off of that bed!  How about we heard her bows hit the floor first before anything else!  Funny stuff! I was about in the seventh grade when that happened and my sister and brother still laugh to this day!  Too many damn bows!t-baby

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