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Real World Photography

12 Mar

Tomorrow Crossroads and Pleasure P


David Vaninche sneek peak…

12 Mar

Tomorrow Thrift Store Visit…

Fish and Hips, I mean Chips…

10 Mar

Today the stars and the moon aligned right for me and the Big Homie J.E ( Mr Sick-N-Shut In) grabbed lunch @ Best Wings on Blue Spring Road…

J.E. decided on the Catfish plate, it includes three pieces of fish and two sides.

I decided on Wings and Fry Combo, ok the Tilapia sandwich.  I ended up with both meals.

First we have the World Famous Jamaican Jerk wings and Fries

Next we have the Tilapia Sandwich

After Best Wings, I met up with A.B @ the lab.   A.B, owns a local web hosting site.  We chopped it up about helping Chasing Concrete run smoother and reaching more people throughout the area.

None other  David Vaninche himself stopped by to get some Fly Mutant stuff as well.

A.B’s dog Remy liked the camera.

After leaving the Lab. I had a quick photo shoot with

After having my heart ripped out of my chest by little A. I had a few hours of down time so I checked out some Kid Cudi.

Then it was off to Crossroads for customer appreciation (everyone free all night)

All Photos are under Crossroads


9 Mar

Warning: All the videos are not Clean(Edited)…

Thirteen year since Biggie Smalls was killed by….LAPD? Suge Knight? Puffy?

R.I.P Christopher Wallace

Random Pics…Brain Cramp

8 Mar

Inspiration we use for Fly Mutant designs…

Toni Terrell, Double Gi and Mei Wei…

7 Mar

First things first, what a beautiful day it was.   It seem like only a few hours ago, I was located in line buying hot coco.  Since Friday, however its been wonderful.  I was going for my usual Sunday cruise listening to music on the I-pod, when I decided to put my eardrums in the fate of 94.1.  I heard the voice of Your best girlfriend Toni Terrell telling the listeners she was @ a local dealership giving out tickets for: Micheal Baisden (One Million Mentor Tour)

Micheal Baisden will be here in Huntsville March 16, 2010, on the campus of Alabama A&M in Elmore Gymnasium.

Doors open @ 6pm, events begins @ 7pm

Toni Terrell of 94.1 (Your Best Girlfriend)

After getting the tickets for Micheal Baisden Tour, I finished my cruise with a few snapshots…

Joi Tiffany (Open Mic) Mei Wei…

World Renoun Marc Lacy

Designer Clever by Andi and Boutique Charlee owner

For Sick-N-Shut In J.E

Jeremy of JMA Photography

Chasing Concrete, by popular demand will start back doing Say Grace on Mondays.

Kicking Rocks With M.

7 Mar

Rock City…

Tomorrow I start back up Say Grace Mondays…