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Thursty Thursdays Preview

31 Jul

All photos from the night in a bit.

Inside Smith & Yorgure Event

31 Jul

The Clothes

Sip On This Thirsty Thursday

31 Jul



Smith & Yorgure Clothing Launch

30 Jul

Owners of Smith & Yorgure

Kahari Smith and Barilee YorgureSmith


More on Smith & Yorgure soon…

If It Were Not Hot (Crossroads)

29 Jul

The next few young ladies are some of my favorites.

Runway, Called Life…

29 Jul

A few days ago, I ran by one of my most talented friends shop.  Salon Runway (Styles by Jason) is located on Pulaski Pike next to Curves.  For the older readers, across from the old Elks nightclub.

I have always liked Jason’s sense of style, from hair to interior design.  Some people just have better designing skills.

Like most artist, Jason declined a photo.

Living Life in Photography

28 Jul